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River report- 2/1/21

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We apologize for the lack of reports. It was a tough year as you know.

The colorado river at Lees Ferry is doing very well. We are catching some nice fish. There are SOME fish in the shallows but for us we have been doing very well drifting deep nymph rigs. The typical midges, scuds and eggs. Spin fishing has been very good with jigs, kastmasters, and Rapalas. There is going to be a scheduled flow change mid March. March 15-26. The river is going to go very low (4000) for 120 hours then ramp up to 20,000 for 82 hours. Who knows what the park is doing?? Plenty of time to get some days in before that!

As far as the Kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding the weather is always nicer then most places. It’s like phoenix weather!! February on the colorado river can make for some amazing floats with very few people.

Give us a call we are booking up quick! It seems like America is ready to get back to it!!


River Report- 7/3/2020

Cicadas are going off! We are having a blast with the dry fly action. Wading continuous to produce with the long Lees Ferry drift. 16-20 size midges,worms and scuds are the go to. Spin fishing is decent just make sure your lure is deep! Kayaking and Canoeing the horseshoe bend continuous to be the the… Continue Reading

River update 4-25-2020

We are still open! Fisherman and Kayaker’s are taking full advantage of our natural social distancing. The midge hatch is going off!! Clouds and clouds of them! That has really changed the bite. The fish are getting more and more willing to eat. Lees ferry fish are definitely hitting the midges a bit more then… Continue Reading

3/23/19-Fishing Report

People keep calling about Lees Ferry Spin fishing trips. Well, i finally got to run one today and it was EPIC! We caught some nice Lees Ferry rainbows and browns. One of the funnest days i have had at Lees Ferry! Kastmasters, Jigs and the knowledge of MCO guides is a recipe for success. Amazing… Continue Reading

Restoring the Colorado River

Restoring the Colorado River

Sure we like to fish in the Colorado River; it is what we do at Lees Ferry Fly Fishing, but what do you really know about the Colorado River and what it means to the national spirit? The Colorado River, just like the Mississippi, is one of the stirring natural symbols of America. It might… Continue Reading

Fly Fishing Secrets for Beginners

Everyone was new to fly fishing at some point, even the experts. If you’re about to embark on your first fly fishing trip, we understand if you’re worried you won’t catch anything. There are plenty of reasons why fly fishing can be a fun sport for the entire family, even if you don’t catch any… Continue Reading

Female Fly Fishers in Colorado

As you’re well aware from reading this blog, we take pride in the Colorado landscape and protect it with a great fervor. We also enjoy educating the populace on this great region, but also in particular the wonderful art of fly fishing. We want everyone to try it at least once, but that’s easier said… Continue Reading

The Practice of Fooling the Fish

The Practice of Fooling the Fish

Fly fishing is essentially the practice of fooling the fish. Fishermen do this in a variety of ways: picking the right spot, the right time, the right season, the right cast, the right reel, and, arguably most importantly, the right lure. Now, store-bought lures are getting better and better. But there’s an art to fly… Continue Reading

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