Fly Fishing Secrets for Beginners

Everyone was new to fly fishing at some point, even the experts. If you’re about to embark on your first fly fishing trip, we understand if you’re worried you won’t catch anything. There are plenty of reasons why fly fishing can be a fun sport for the entire family, even if you don’t catch any fish. However, fly fishing trips are certainly more enjoyable when you have a successful time out on the water. The following are a few fly fishing secrets and tips that both beginners and experienced fishers can benefit from.

One of the most important things you need to consider before heading out on the water is what color your fly is going to be. In many cases, your fly color should change with the season. For example, in late fall and winter flies should be darker to match the surrounding environment. On the other hand, choosing a light fly during the summer and warmer months is generally a smart idea.
Besides choosing the right fly, you also need to learn how to properly approach the fish. Make sure you are always in the best position before casting to a fish. It can be easy to spot a fish and impulsively cast, but in most cases it helps to be a bit more patient. You also need to walk very softly when approaching the water. Fish can detect even slight vibrations in the water, so you shouldn’t be stomping around unnecessarily.

Paying attention to fish behavior can yield great results. For example, studying a fish can help you determine whether or not it’s feeding. If you time things right, you should be able to cast a fly onto the water at the exact moment a fish is looking up in its direction.

These are just a few of the many things there are to learn about fly fishing, and we invite you to keep checking back for more tips and news!

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