Female Fly Fishers in Colorado

As you’re well aware from reading this blog, we take pride in the Colorado landscape and protect it with a great fervor. We also enjoy educating the populace on this great region, but also in particular the wonderful art of fly fishing. We want everyone to try it at least once, but that’s easier said than done. Certain demographics just aren’t into fly fishing or at the very least know what it’s all about. Women, for instance, aren’t normally linked to fly fishing, but that might change due to the efforts of an ingenious woman, as reported by ABC 7 News.

Jennifer Kovaleski writes, “April Archer is the founder of SaraBella Fishing, a company that designs custom fly rods specifically for women. “I’ve been fishing my whole life, and loved the sport since I was a little girl,” she said. Archer hopes her product will help change the face of the traditionally male-dominated sport. “Empower women and girls to not just fish, but to find joy in the outdoors and confidence in their lives,” Archer said. An avid fly-fisher herself, Archer said she first came up with the idea after feeling like she had to settle on the products available for women. “I saw a gap in the number of women beginning to fish and the products available for those women.””

At Lees Ferry Fly Fishing, we support the efforts of April Archer and wish SaraBella much success. After all, the more people fly fish the better the industry is as a whole.

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