Restoring the Colorado River

Restoring the Colorado River

Sure we like to fish in the Colorado River; it is what we do at Lees Ferry Fly Fishing, but what do you really know about the Colorado River and what it means to the national spirit?

The Colorado River, just like the Mississippi, is one of the stirring natural symbols of America. It might just be the spiritual capital of the Southwest, rising in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and flying through the Grand Canyon. It is like a comet spiraling toward the dream that is Mexico. In short…providing much of the water for the southwester deserts of the country, the Colorado River is necessary for our very survival.

Have you ever heard of Minute 319? If you care about the Colorado River, you should read up on it.

Two years ago, the Colorado River did something it had not done for close to a century: It flowed all the way to the Gulf of California, uniting America and Mexico in a special way. This happened due to Minute 319, which was an amendment to the 1944 water treaty between the two countries, “allowing water from the Morelos Dam to run through a 40-mile stretch of parched riverbed to the Colorado River Delta.” This was an ecological breakthrough and many hope it continues into the future, although the measure is set to expire in 2017.

Diondra Powers of Yes! Magazine writes, “The long-term goal of Minute 319 is to create a cooperative system whereby both nations can share the Colorado River for water storage and ecological restoration research.” The future is rather murky, especially pertaining to the environment, and the more research and restoration we are able to do, the better off we are in the end – with Minute 319, we can make this a reality. However, there are also aesthetic benefits waiting to blossom if we continue with Minute 319, mainly “a whole series of narrow parks of native vegetation and native trees and native birds.” That sounds beautiful.

Overall, Powers lists five positive things occurring because of Minute 319. They are bird migration, a fairer role of Mexico, native vegetation, water for dry riverbeds and a glimpse of the past. For those who love fishing, like our customers, this is something we should all want.

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