Hungry Trout in the Colorado River

Hungry Trout in the Colorado River

So far, the Colorado River has had an eventful December and it is fair to say that it has also been celebrating the holiday season. There is a hunger in the region that seems to match the ferocity of a family sitting around the dinner table on Christmas Day. Although it doesn’t get much holiday press so to speak, but fishing in many areas of the country is an important Christmas tradition, on par with eating honey glazed ham or lonely people hanging out under the mistletoe. This region’s fishing has just gotten a lot better with the infusion of hungry trout to the Colorado River. As the Mohave Valley Daily News points out, “Hungry trout meat good times for anglers.”

Or, as Rusty Braun of Bullhead City, reports, “The trout having to travel this far are not fed for a couple of days before planning, meaning they are hungry.” What this means is that the trout will become quite active, almost as if in a frenzy, and go on a feeding binge where they are desperate for food, making them vulnerable to anglers of all skill levels. In our eyes, that is the perfect holiday gift for the fishing enthusiast in your life. Hungry trout like this is something not to be missed.

At Lees Ferry Fly Fishing, we feel it’s important to report on all news regarding the Colorado River. After all, this river is God’s work and the sustenance it provides brings us all a little closer to the meaning of life and that is someone we all should reflect on this holiday season.

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