Hello my fellow fly fishers. As I said before I am starting to see lots of spiders, moths, and ants. The cicadas will be next but we have to hit that 100 degree mark in canyon first. As for the midges they are here and hatching in a BIG way. I had the pleasure of fishing with Tad McKnight on May 1st, it was nothing short of a great day, the fish were happy and on the feed, we landed so many fish that I am going to say its the best day of fishing I have had in ten years. We used the rig I call “the midging rig” its a variation of a dry dropper rig except I dont use a dry fly, I put a pich on indicator where the dry would be so that I can drop two midges below. The weather is perfect concidering its spring, after this last cold front we have had a week of warm weather and only the ocational afternoon wind, the midge hatches will continue and be on a large scale from here on out. Remember the warmer the weather, the better the catching. Hope to here from you soon. Rocky Lovett

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