Hello all my fellow fishers. The fish are happy, the midges are hatching, and the weather is beautiful. Here is a picture of Charles Loepkey, and a beautiful 17″ wild rainbow he caught first thing in the morning. He proceeded to catch one fish after another from the same spot, on the same flies until about 2:00pm. Jim Clifford is Charles’s son-in-law, he did all the moving around up and down the bar, and managed to catch plenty of fish as well. At 2:00pm we went to another spot and swung some woolly buggers, and caught a few more fish. I caught an 18″ on an olive semi seal leach. That concluded the day, and what a great 2 days it was, fishing with two of my good friends. Charles is 86 years young, and I admire his energy, passion and devotion to fishing and life in general. He has taught me a lot of things about fly fishing. He tied his version of a zebra midge, he used an olive bead on a #16 hook, black thread, and white wire, and put a hurtin’ on the fish with that fly, both days of the trip. Its all about the midge, experiment with all the midge patterns you can, and be sure to adjust your leader length and weight as the water level increases. Remember just because the fish stop breaking the surface does not mean they have stopped feeding. Hope to see you out there, and be sure to give us a call if we can be of service.
Rocky & Mick Lovett

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