November Fishing fallowing the HFE

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Fat 18″ female

16″ male turning red

19″ female

Nice 16″

18″ female
Hello everyone, 
The fishing at the ferry is good, weather is even better. 
There is plenty of feed for the fish following the HFE. I turned rocks everywhere I stopped Sunday and Monday, and found worms under every one. The moss on the shores that was still wet, had a few scuds, and the midges are hatching as they should be for the temperatures. 
We caught fish on patterns in all three categories. San Juan worm patterns in the rust, brown, and red in size 14. Scuds in grey, ginger, and pink in size 14 produced well. In the mornings before the water starts to rise, we caught most of our fish on black midge patterns, sizes 16-18.
The fish are in great health and as you can see from a couple pictures above they are starting to think about spawning, so egg patterns will get better from here on out. 
If anyone is looking for one last fishing trip before the the end of the year, I would recommend it.
If we can be of service please let us know.
“May all your lines be tight, and always remember to keep that tip up”
Mick Lovett

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