Hey all,
Sorry it has been a while since my last post.  I was out on the water today and fishing was GREAT.  I have never seen such hatches from the midges it looked like it was raining them.  The fish are getting fat even the little ones.  Are standard midging rig was sticking fish all morning long.  We waited for the afternoon to throw a dry drop and had plenty of drop takes and a few lookers at the dry.  We only did that for less than a hour before heading down river to 4 mile.  The bottom of the shoot was stacked full of fish and made a great day ending hot spot.  The reds on the back side was loaded still with spawners.  We hit the shoot with a 7 and a half foot nymphing rig with a number 4 shot to get it down trailed with double midges.  On the reds we used the same rig but droped the shot to a number 6.  I also had a guy peggin a bead and had action, that set up is always fun for sight fishing.  My camera was left at home but I hope my guys will send me some of theirs from today of some nice fat fish a couple of 16+ and a nice 17.5 solid female.  My “CHOP” special is my number 1 midge pattern, so if your interested in it let us know.  The walk in has been really putting out lareger fish all spring with good numbers to back it up.  I will be out all weekend so keep a look out for updated pics should be coming nightly.  There are some rumors of this year being a epic cicada hatch so be ready!
Thanks until next time,
Keep that tip up and keep that fly wet!
Kyle Klemme,M.C.O.
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