Hello everyone,
It has been a great spring and we arent even half way through this spring season. The midge fishing is great, zebra midge patterns size #16-#18 black, brown, gray.
The weather has been perfect as well, 55 at night up to 75 during the day, blue skys over the red sandstone walls are amazing this time of year!
If your a fisrt timer or a reuturn visitor this is a good time to come to the Ferry!
Here are a few of the fish we have been seeing out there, good healthy fish population this year, all sizes of fish in the river and all have nice round bellys, I have been pumping a few stomachs to see what the food is really like and I have counted up to 30 migde larva in one pump in one fish!
Lots of food lots of fun and great weather, couldnt be a better combination!


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Mick Lovett

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