December 2012 – wade/drift days

December 2012 – wade/drift days

Hello all my fellow fishers out there,
The fishing is good this winter, we are really enjoying some great fishing and still decent winter weather. Most success has been with San Juan worms (#14 orange favorite), scuds (#12 ginger favorite), and the occasional Zebra midge (#16 lazer zebra midge favorite). I have also been starting to experiment with the egg patterns too with some success, as the spawn is just getting started at Lee’s Ferry. 
In the morning as the water is rising (9,000 cfs to 16,000 cfs), the wade fishing is ideal, as worms and scuds become available in large numbers until the water tops out in the late morning to early afternoon. When the water is up usually after our lunch break then the drifting has been successful as well.
A special thanks to Sue, and Maurry for a great December trip.
Happy Holidays everyone,

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