A Guides day.

 Good morning,  I was out last Wednesday with a couple good sticks and they made my day as a guide fun and excitable.  I had not been out on the water with this new decreasing flow and heard some horror story’s on how it was playing havoc with hooking up on fish.  We stated the morning off with the home run stretch strippin streamers from the bank and only caught two so I started to worry..  After the morning rush went up river we fallowed and to my amazement four mile was open.  Being early in the morning 9-9:30ish I new that the drop had not hit the lower river so we pulled in.  For the first time in a months I tied on the ol chop special and nymphed double midges and we started to hook up.  From the top of fours riffle to the bottom were it meets deeper water we were getting takes.  Played there for about a hour,about the time the decreasing flow arrived we could see the bite had slowed so moved on.  We then went to an old hole were one was throwing a streamer into the main current and the other guy doing a Dry dropper on the big schools of merging midge followers.  The fish on the dropper were all young and under 11″ but still the anticipation of a dry take makes it fun.  The rest of the day we spent up river were we Pegged a Egg for the first time this year and it was good.  Catching nice colored up fish and an average of 14″ made my day.  So with the eggs bite on we went back down river were and got on some Reds and had some fun sight fishing. We landed the nicest fish of the day there, a fish pushing the 17″ border and nice an healthy male surprised us both when he surfaced.  We threw three times in his red the first two I could see him chase the bead down and just so close both times, finally the third time was a charm sticking him and getting him to the net was the highlight of the day.  We caught fish multiple ways and never got skunked at any stop.  Was a great relief with the other reports I had been worried about.  To top this all off I spotted a group of 5-8 HOGS!!!  These fish got my blood pumping and they are hands down the biggest fish i have ever seen on Lees Ferry.  We couldn’t find a way to hook into them but I’m going to do nothing but find out how, I cant wait to get down this weekend and get to work on them.  I’m sorry for no pics but I took a pic a nice fish on Monday and while releasing him my camera went for a swim.  I will keep you updated on the hogs and get here while the spawn still is on!
Kyle Klemme

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