Why Life as a Fishing Guide is so Rewarding

Fishing Guide Why is it rewarding to be a fishing guide? Well, just like a music teacher loves to see their student master their instrument or sing a song in front of an audience, a fishing guide loves to inspire others to be great at what they do.

Take Mick Lovett, for instance. When he was a little boy growing up in Page, Arizona, he started fishing with his dad, Rocky. They had a good time fly fishing together and now he’s able to share what he learned, through the years of being taught by his dad, as well as learning through trial-and-error, in order to make other people’s fishing trips successful.

Marble Canyon Outfitters exists today because the Lovetts loved fly fishing and they found an exceptionally beautiful, amazing place to do so. Lee’s Ferry is one of the West’s greatest fly fishing destinations because of the many rainbow trout you can catch as well as the feast for your eyes as you marvel at God’s creation around you. Lee’s Ferry is located at the head of the Grand Canyon, where a tail water fishery of unparalleled quality has been created below Grand Canyon Dam.

Being a fly fishing guide may technically be “work,” but it’s also a whole lot of play. It sure beats working in a dark, dirty factory somewhere up North.

Boating the Colorado River, surrounded by nature, and looking down at the crystal clear, emerald green water is a guide’s delight. That he gets to share this experience with you, the visiting fisherman coming from out-of-town, makes it all the better.

Why does anyone fish? Ultimately, you want to use your skill to catch fish– the thrill of the catch is what makes you want to do it again and again.

It’s a very rewarding job being a fishing guide when someone who’s initially not so sure of themselves ends up catching tons of rainbow trout with a big grin on their face.

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  1. Great job Mick… I like what I see! I have been on the “river many many times with your Dad and you. I long to get back to the “river and feel the years roll back in my mind and let out a big sigh and drift along and I get a ‘howdy dooty’ smile, when, in my mind I can hear Rocky say: “Awww for cryin’ out loud Dad” as I flip my wrist, lose my loop and double over with laughter, sigh again, and drift along! Take Radon and Boomer on the water just like your Dad took you, because before you know time has slipped away and it will be you giving a big sigh and drift along on memories!
    Love ya’
    Gpa Lovett
    Awwww for cryin’ out loud Dad!

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