Why Fly Fishing is a Form of Art

Why Fly Fishing is a Form of Art

Fly Fishing If art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination coupled with beauty and emotional power, then could something like fly fishing be considered art? Perhaps. After all, it takes creativity to fly fish. It’s an emotionally-charged process, complete with the high of catching beautiful fish.

Great art is often borne out of conflict. In this world, conflict often arises between man (humankind) and something/someone else… which could be man vs. man; man vs. nature; man vs. self; or man vs. society.

Fly fishing actually could involve a variety of conflict– two fishermen fighting over a prime spot to catch the most fish; a man using a rod and reel to try and catch dinner to feed his own hunger; a man challenging his mind and body to mentally and physically utilize what he has (tools/skills) to find and “win” fish; or a man having to live in a harsh society where nothing is handed to him, and he must create his own destiny, finding food (fish), shelter and more…

When a man “takes on” fly fishing, he’s taking on all sorts of conflict and seeing what becomes of it– will he or won’t he reach his end goal? Will he catch fish?

The Creativity of Fly Fishing

Of course there’s an art to fly fishing. It’s not something that’s too easily done, and that’s a good thing. It takes some practice, skill and creativity. It takes time, energy and perseverance.

Fly fishing differs from traditional fishing in that the line itself is the weight, with the fly along for the ride. The fly imitates a natural food source. It may be made of ornate feathers, hair and thread– artistically beautiful in its own right.

There’s a rhythmic feel to fly fishing, as anglers cast their lines back and forth. In a way, fly fishing artistically allows a person to become one with nature, even if it’s just for a few moments. The circle of life is evident in the practice of fly fishing. Man versus animal… life and death… nature versus mechanics.

To sum it up: there’s an artistic beauty to fly fishing.

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