Things to Consider Before Going on a Fly Fishing Trip

Things to Consider Before Going on a Fly Fishing Trip

Fly Fishing TripMarble Canyon Outfitters offers guided fly fishing trips at Lees Ferry on the Colorado River near Page, Arizona. This remote but beautiful canyon location is about five hours from both Phoenix and Las Vegas. If you’re looking for a beautiful spot to try fly fishing for the first time, you can’t beat this wondrous place!

What are some things to consider before going on your first fly fishing trip?


First, consider the weather. Just like most places, Arizona can be hot or cold and you should be prepared for temperature extremes. For instance, it makes sense to dress in layers. That way, if the morning starts out with a brisk wind chill in the air but gets sunnier and warmer as the day wears on, you can take off your waterproof jacket and long-sleeved shirt. You’ll want to have some sun protection– so bring a hat, sunglasses and/or sunscreen with you– Arizona tends to be pretty sunny more often than not.

A Place for Garbage

Next, don’t make a mess. If you produce trash (empty wrappers, used bottles) you can’t just throw them on the ground and leave them wherever– you need to take your trash with you and dispose of it properly after your trip so you’re not polluting nature’s beauty. Pack a garbage bag with you.

Hiring a Guide

Also, you should consider hiring a guide. Why? Well, he or she will know the area well and be able to offer you helpful tips and advice during the day. Furthermore, guides often know “the best spots” to fish, and even what kind of flies/casts to use locally to actually get some fish.

Proper Credentials

If you’ll need a license to fish in the area you plan to fish, make sure you get that beforehand and have it on you the day of your trip.

Before your first fly fishing trip, it’ll help if you take a class to learn how to cast. Learning basic casting movements before you’re actually at the river will help give you a head start on catching fish when you’re ready to do so. Practice casting a couple minutes per day for the week or two before your big trip; practice is always a good thing.

Do you want help planning your first fly fishing trip? Have Marble Canyon Outfitters guide you every step of the way! Call 800-533-7339 today to plan your Lees Ferry fly fishing trip– an Arizona adventure you’ll never forget.

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