The US Fishing Industry Adding to Economy

Despite the fishing industry currently accounting for over
90 Billion dollars annually in the United States economy, many people in the
industry still believes they need to find new ways to stimulate the fishing
world or it might just all sink. It isn’t the current situation of the fishing
industry, but the future one that people worry about. The Hamilton Project in
particular has been trying to create forums and areas for discussion on what
could be done to improve the economic growth and long-term prosperity of the US
Fishing Industry.

The forums were lit up with proposals from major names,
including Christopher Costello, who is an economist from UC Santa Barbara and
proposed an amendment to the Fishery Conservation and Management act. The
change would allow more fisheries to use alternative management structures
rather than keeping to a very strict system when it comes to the ecological
status quo.
While seeing over one million jobs caught in this fishing
industry struggle, it does seem at least for the time being that things are
alright in the fishing world, and this entire plan from the Hamilton Project is
simply to make sure that everything doesn’t fall apart, particularly around the
ecological sustainability of the fishing industry. It does still have people
worried though, as there is a potential that the sea just simply can’t handle
that many fishers, and those are just the ones in the United States. We’ve
already seen the Japanese, who have one of the highest fisherman populations,
resort to the use of whales and dolphins for fish potential, and this is
largely what concerns the US fishing industry.
Hopefully it is only a scare though, and with these
prevention measures being put in place, it won’t be long before someone manages
to figure out what the fishing industry can do, other than to fish less.

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