Spring, midges, and low flows

17″ Rainbow



Hello to all my fellow fishers out there. The fishing at the ferry is fantastic, it’s spring so, midges midges and more midges. Zebra midge patterns #18-#14, blk/slvr, red/slvr, grey/black, any midgy combination you can come up with if you tie. Egg patterns are still producing in some places on the river, worms are also producing in some places, and to my surprise I have been pulling a few fish on scud patterns. Most flies are in #16, but anything from #18 in the midges to #12 in the worms and scuds. 
The fish are in great health, getting some good girth out there, fat and happy fish. 
As always right lines and always remeber to keep that tip up,
Mick Lovett

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