Fly Fishing Guide Prices

MCO rates are $400.00 for one, $500.00 for two and $600.00 for three anglers. Non-angling companions can join angling guests and enjoy Glen Canyon for $25.00 per person. Our rates include boat, guide, fuel, lunches and 8 hours on the water. Flies can be purchased at the Marble Canyon Lodge, however our guides carry a full supply of currently producing patterns and clients only pay for flies that are lost or destroyed through use.

To ensure a quality experience, a maximum of three anglers per boat is suggested. A $150 deposit per boat/per day is required at the time of reservation. The deposit is refundable up to 21 days prior to the trip; later cancellations may apply the deposit to a future booking. Don’t forget: Polarized glasses, tippet (3x-6x), leaders (5x leaders of 9 feet), waders and boots, sunscreen, beverages and Arizona fishing license. Waders and boots may be rented through Marble Canyon Outfitters for $25 per day. Other items are available at Marble Canyon Lodge.


For those who would like to learn the walk in area, and/or show up a half day early, or have a half day after your guide trip up river, we offer wade guiding. Full day 1 person $250.00, full day 2 people $350.00, half day 1 person $175.00, and half day 2 people $250.00. Full days will include guide, lunch and 8 hours of fishing. Half days will include guide and 4 hours of fishing.


MCO provides a back haul service for those who would like to enjoy Glen Canyon on their own. There is a $150.00 minimum and its $35.00 for the person, and $35.00 for the vessel. $25/100lbs of gear. MCO can take you anywhere up river for that price, it’s up to you how far you would like to go.