High water flow is coming to the end and water should start a steady flow.  We went up on the 21st and took a look and caught some fish.  I didn’t have much time more a sight seeing trip but I caught three in a row with the olive wooly on the back of the dam island.  What only use to be a small stream thru the backside was now 10′ deep and wide open.  Had another angler with a spinning rig throwing a  black marabou  and was able to land one.  The dam was the only place we tried, the fish were strong and bellys full two over 15 and one twelve the other about 8″.  I did drop anchor in a few locations to check the bottom   Each time There were scuds and real stringy and strong cladophora,  not like in the past were it was clogged full of stringy weak green goo.  I hope to get more days on the water this coming week to keep you updated.  The Walk-In was completely gone so I will try to drop a line in there as well.  Here are some pics of the dam and a couple photos of the last trip that I hadn’t posted yet.

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