April, 2014

Hello to all my fellow fishers out there,
The fishing at lees ferry is good right now, we are seeing a ton of healty fish out there. Good food production and happy trout. 
We are catching fish on zebra midge patterns #16-#18, dark colors; black, maroon, grey, and purple. Scuds are producing some fish as well, grey, and ginger, size #12-#14. Worm patterns turn a few fish here and there, reds, and browns there size #14-#16, and you can still get a few interested on the egg patterns if your in the right places, as there are still spawning fish, and of course the streamers on sinking line are productive as well.
Flows are fluctuating daily from 6,500 cfs to 10,500 cfs, and should be similar thru May. The weather has been good as well, tempuratures in the high 40’s- low 50’s in the am, and rising to the high 60’s -mid 70’s in the afternoons. 
A special thanks to the Kuo family, awsome trip, great company and sweet photos! See you next year.
“I wish you all right lines, and always remeber to keep that top up.”
Mick Lovett

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