Hello fellow fisherman, The water level is still the same, at a steady 10,000 cfs. So the fishing has not changed much since my last report. I have seen more scuds in the river than I have seen in a long time. Even tho the water isn’t fluctuating we have been catching fish on live colored scuds, and natural colored San Juan worms. For those of you that can cast a long heavy sink tip line, olive woolybuggers are producing fish as well. It seems we are catching bigger fish using this method too. Places to use a woolybugger would be at the deepest portion of every riffle. Weather has been great, lots of sunshine, daytime temp 65-70 degrees still. The fishing pressure is almost non existent. So we hope to see you out there. For More Details, Visit Home at https://www.leesferryflyfishing.com

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