Halloween with the Colorado River Fairgrounds

Colorado River fairgrounds are in trouble, much like the Colorado River is when
it comes to its water. But the fairground is running into financial problems
rather than missing water and fish, and it has been having trouble for a few
years now. Luckily, they have been putting on a Halloween fundraiser and we are
closing in on the third Annual Halloween bash for the Colorado fairgrounds!
like the previous year, the event will be focused on being a fundraiser first
and foremost, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t about having fun near the Colorado
River. They encourage people to come dressed up, as there is a costume contest
that can supply some great prizes. Unfortunately, you must be at least 21 to
come to the event.
than the costume contest, there are a number of events that will provide
entertainment to any partygoer. The goal is to keep everyone entertained and to
enjoy themselves, as well as try to get the Colorado River fairgrounds to be
self-sufficient by bringing in some extra money.
fairground is always looking for new ways to improve and find some way to keep
themselves open these days. If you have any information or you want to know
more ways of being able to help the fairgrounds stay open you can always
contact them directly with ideas. They are willing to listen to most any idea
these days, especially ones that cost minimal amounts of money.
tickets for this fairground special are ten dollars per person and you can
obtain them at a number of locations including the fairgrounds directly, or the
Blythe area chamber of commerce. So support the fairgrounds, or it might just
go the way of the fishes if they can’t supply themselves soon!


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