Fly Fishing Guides

Mick Lovett

Mick Lovett has been fishing since he was a little boy and fly fishing is his passion. He landed his first rainbow on a fly rod at Lees Ferry when he was just 4 years old. He has spent countless days on the waters surrounding his home town of Page, Arizona — a mere 5 miles from Lake Powell and only 45 miles from Lee’s Ferry. He has owned and operated his own boat on Lake Powell and Lees Ferry since the age of 14, and is now the owner/operator of Marble Canyon Outfitters. Mick has had a fishing rod in his hand since the day he could walk, and his father and his predecessor to MCO, Jon “Rocky” Lovett, took him on many fly fishing trips in the four corner states. He has always taken pride in teaching and sharing what he’s learned with anyone who is willing. He is young and ambitions and is looking forward to taking you out on Lee’s Ferry in the pursuit of the wild and beautiful rainbows that Lee’s Ferry has to offer.