Fly Fishing Lingo That Is Commonly Used

Fly Fishing Lingo That Is Commonly Used

Fly Fishing TermsDo you know some common fly fishing lingo? For instance, do you know that you’d be using a rod, not a pole? There are several keywords associated with fly fishing and here’s your chance to learn (or review) some of them…

Terms to Know

The word “guide” can apply to someone who guides your fishing expedition, but in fly fishing you should also understand that guides are shiny metal loops that hold your line to your rod. Typically, one rod will have about ten guides.

The joints where the pieces of a rod are put together are called ferrules. The end of the rod near the reel is called the butt. Yes, the butt. The reel is used to “reel in” fish, though they’re not truly needed for fly fishing. They’re mostly there to look cool and cost you more money. You don’t necessarily need a reel, but it won’t hurt to have one.

What is a reel seat? It’s the place where the reel connects to the rod. It involves a slide and washer that’s ultimately tightened with a threaded twist.

If you hear the term “backing” in fly fishing, it’s a thin but strong string made of dacron. It ties to the reel and the fly line as a sort of insurance policy on an angler’s tackle when trying to land a fast or strong fish.

Obviously you’ll need “fly line,” which is typically a brightly colored string that allows you to cast your fly.

The clear plastic material that’s thick at the butt section (connecting to the fly line) and thin at the fly is called the leader. It’s a strong material that’s difficult for fish to see.

Finally, tippet is used to add length to the leader. Since you’ll lose flies while fly fishing (to fish, to trees, whatever) you’ll tie tippet to your leader to add length to it as needed. Tippet is used to help hide the leader from fish.

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