Common Fly Fishing Mistakes

There are
plenty of nice adjectives that get kicked around when we talk about fly fishing
– serene, peaceful, patient – but easy is generally not one of them. Fly
fishing is hard, no doubt about it, and there is plenty of room for errors that
can make it even more challenging. These simple errors sometimes discourage
novice fly fishers and keep them from pursuing the sport further. Fortunately,
many of these mistakes can be easily identified and rectified, making the
experience of fly fishing a whole lot more enjoyable. Today we’ll look at a few
of these common mistakes.
with Caution
It’s easy to
get excited and go happily sloshing out into the Colorado River, but this is probably not
in your best interest. Bear in mind, any sudden, noisy movements you make will immediately
be noticed by any fish in the area. Before you enter a stream or river, scout
it out from the shore. Look for any spots with lots of insect activity. There
are likely to be fish nearby, and the imitation insect at the end of your line
will have an easier time blending in. If you see any rocks jutting out of the
water, consider using them as a perch while you fish. This will give you a
bird’s eye view of the water and minimize your chances of spooking the fish.
Slow and
A fast,
rushed cast has a greater chance of spooking fish and tangling your line. Do
your best to stay relaxed and find a nice, slow cadence for your cast. It will
take a good deal of practice and diligence to maintain this relaxed posture,
but it will also greatly increase your chances of success.
Remember the
It’s called
fly fishing for a reason. The goal is to imitate the action of an insect on the
end of your line, thereby enticing unwitting fish to take a nibble on your
hook. Before you head off to a local fishing hole, do some research to find out
what kind of insects are common to that ecosystem. Choose your flies
accordingly and do your best to imitate the movement of the real thing. Getting
fish to buy your insect parody will also take time, but it is one of the most
rewarding aspects of fly fishing technique.
Learning to
fly fish shouldn’t scare away those who are looking to enjoy nature and take
part in the rich American pastime. At Marble Canyon Outfitters, you can learn
new techniques right here at Lee’s Ferry on the breathtaking Colorado River. Visit our website to
get started today.

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