Colorado River Fishery

A trip to Marble Canyon Outfitters on the Colorado River will
treat any fishing enthusiast, expert or beginner, to an unparalleled angling
experience offering scenic views of the Grand Canyon and the bounty of a
world-class rainbow trout fishery. There are plenty of reasons why this corner
of northern Arizona draws anglers from all over the globe.

Fly fishermen can take on the challenge of angling for a
catch from the beautiful local stock of rainbow trout every day of the year. Our
, nestled in the foot of the sandstone cliffs surrounding
Glen Canyon, which can reach heights of 1,500 feet, offers a secluded fishing
experience and a great getaway from the stress of the work week.
Anglers can only arrive at the Lees Ferry fishery location
by boat, insulating them from any signs of civilization beyond the waters. A
vast array of midges, almost forty species in all, keep the rainbow trout
populations well fed and ready to snap up the lures of any fly fishermen
casting their lines in this area.
Although there are seasonal changes affecting where an
angler can find rainbows, but nymphing techniques are fairly effective
throughout the year. Dry flies used for distance casting are also useful, especially
in the summer months where midge activity is highest at the edges of gravel
The professional guide staff of Marble Canyon Outfitters
will make sure that you have the right tools to take on the superior fishing
opportunities available along this portion of the Colorado River. Fly fishermen
can take advantage of our staff’s expertise in equipment, lures and casting
techniques to improve their own skills at spotting and catching rainbows.
Marble Canyon Outfitters prides itself on the unsurpassed satisfaction of fishing
enthusiasts who casts their lines into our waters. Call us today to schedule
your visit to the fantastic fishing spots to be found in Glen Canyon in
northern Arizona.

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