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Lee’s Ferry Fly Fishing Water Conditions

Lee’s Ferry Fly Fishing Water Conditions

Lee’s Ferry is a great place for fly-fishing, and a unique spot on a world-famous, historic waterway. Anyone who has witnessed the Colorado River, with its intense rapids framed by enormous canyons, can attest to its dramatic appeal. Historically, Lee’s Ferry served as a convenient place to cross the hazardous Colorado. These days, it is… Continue Reading

November Fishing fallowing the HFE

For More Details, Visit Home at Fat 18″ female 16″ male turning red 19″ female Nice 16″ 18″ female Hello everyone,  The fishing at the ferry is good, weather is even better.  There is plenty of feed for the fish following the HFE. I turned rocks everywhere I stopped Sunday and Monday, and found… Continue Reading

What Should I Wear When I Go Fly Fishing?

As with most outdoor activities, being well prepared for a fly-fishing trip is key. There are certain circumstances to observe when getting ready to go out for the day, with articles of clothing to strap on for every fly-fishing need. While you may not always need everything mentioned, it’s a nice overview of what’s out… Continue Reading Hello everyone, October fishing is good, flows from 6,500-9,500 cfs, low, wading water. Mainly nymph fishing, worms scuds, and especially midges. This is a great time to come to the ferry, if your looking to get in one last fishing trip before winter please consider lees ferry and Marble Canyon Outfitters. If we can… Continue Reading

Fly Fishing Etiquette

The list of things that can ruin a fly-fishing excursion is very short, but poor etiquette from a fellow angler is certainly on it. We understand that amateur anglers can make innocent mistakes, so our guides can help to make sure you follow the proper procedures on the Colorado River. In fact, fishing areas with… Continue Reading

Five Benefits of Using Fly-Fishing Guides

Five Benefits of Using Fly-Fishing Guides

1. Know Where to Find Fish For guides, fishing is a full time job that provides intimate knowledge of where to find the most amount of fish under different weather conditions and at different times of day. Even experienced anglers can benefit from a guides familiarity with a particular fishing location. You’ll catch more fish,… Continue Reading

Hello to all my fellow fishers, This blog is to inform all of you that Lees Ferry is once again open to the public, the state of Utah has made a deal with the department of interior to keep 5 national parks and recreation areas open for up to 10 days, hopefully the federal government… Continue Reading