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Largemouth Bass in the Colorado River

We’re happy to let our readers know that this year, the river has recently been experiencing an influx of one popular fish. As this article published by The Mohave Valley Daily News discusses, numbers of largemouth bass that have been spotted are much higher than usual. The wide expanse of the Colorado River is home… Continue Reading

What is Fly Fishing?

There is nothing more commonly uttered by people who know nothing about fishing than: What is Fly Fishing? In most cases, these beginners think that fly-fishing is some strange special way of fishing where we sit down and try and catch flies with our rods rather than fish. But what most of these people don’t… Continue Reading

Late June-Early July

Hello to all my fellow fishers out there. This has been an epic year so far the fish are day and sassy, and we are seeing great numbers. Scenery is second to none, we have been seeing desert bighorn sheep just about everyday this June, the weather is also good, starting to get a little… Continue Reading

Late May-early June

Hello everyone, Fishing this spring has been fantastic. I have to say something about the health of the fish it is great this year even the little guys are day and fight hard the whole way in. Spring is midge season and this year has been no exception, catching then on #16-#18 in zebra midge… Continue Reading

Equipment for Fly Fishing

Equipment for Fly Fishing

Fly fishing can seem daunting, if only because of the amount of equipment involved. But how much of that is purely for show? We’ve put together a list of what you actually need to get started to make your first fly fishing experience a little less complicated. Five-weight rods can handle any fish from 6… Continue Reading

April, 2014

Hello to all my fellow fishers out there, The fishing at lees ferry is good right now, we are seeing a ton of healty fish out there. Good food production and happy trout.  We are catching fish on zebra midge patterns #16-#18, dark colors; black, maroon, grey, and purple. Scuds are producing some fish as… Continue Reading

Common Fly Fishing Mistakes

There are plenty of nice adjectives that get kicked around when we talk about fly fishing – serene, peaceful, patient – but easy is generally not one of them. Fly fishing is hard, no doubt about it, and there is plenty of room for errors that can make it even more challenging. These simple errors… Continue Reading

Spring, midges, and low flows

17″ Rainbow 16″  19″ 19″ Hello to all my fellow fishers out there. The fishing at the ferry is fantastic, it’s spring so, midges midges and more midges. Zebra midge patterns #18-#14, blk/slvr, red/slvr, grey/black, any midgy combination you can come up with if you tie. Egg patterns are still producing in some places on… Continue Reading

Fly Fishing is an American Tradition

Fly Fishing is an American Tradition

All the way across the country from the fly fishing at Lee’s Ferry, The American Museum of Fly Fishing sits in Manchester, Vermont. It showcases the history, traditions and practices of the sport of fly fishing. Even though Vermont is far away from the Colorado River and Northern Arizona, one thing’s for sure—fly fishing has… Continue Reading