The Colorado River is an Important Part of Arizona

The Colorado River is an Important Part of Arizona

Colorado River in Page, AZDon’t be fooled by the Colorado River’s name. Although it starts up in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado before spanning for almost 1,500 miles, about a third of the river’s length is located in Arizona. It’s a very important part of the state and provides Arizona with everything from lakes situated inside of canyons to whitewater rapids. Some of the Colorado River also runs directly through the Grand Canyon.

You will find the Colorado River scattered throughout Arizona. Up north, Lake Powell, which is very popular among those with houseboats, was created by damming a part of the Colorado River. Just below the dam that was used to create Lake Powell, the Colorado River slices through a bunch of desert terrain before making its way through Lee’s Ferry and into the Grand Canyon. Below that, Hoover Dam stops the Colorado River in its tracks to create Lake Mead. The river then winds down through Bullhead before eventually making its way to Lake Havasu and then finally the Sea of Cortez.

If you ever visit Arizona, you’ll probably find yourself near the Colorado River at some point. You should take advantage of the opportunity by going fishing, whitewater rafting, or even just sightseeing along the river. It adds so much natural beauty to the state and has been providing people with recreational activities for many years now. It’s hard to imagine the state flourishing like it has without the impact of the Colorado River.

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