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October 27

Hello fellow fishermen and women.Fishing on the Ferry is still producing good fish and with good weather it is a great time to be in the canyon. I have had good success on gravel bars were the water drops off the edge of the run. I have been using a standard midgeing rig normally around… Continue Reading

September 8

September 8

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. It was a good Labor day weekend alot of traffic,but the fishing stayed consisten. The fish are striking our midging riggs all day. The best set up I found was a #16 on top with a #18 black dropper. The top fly I will change with the time… Continue Reading

Hello everyone, Hope your all having a great year. As you all know the season is turning and fall is just around the corner, for the Ferry this means lower water flows for September and October. A steady 15,500 cfs to be exact, and remember this is down from our summer flow of 24,500 cfs.… Continue Reading

Today on Lees Ferry fishing was good. All morning we had good numbers running a nymphing setup. Like the previous post we were running the same length and setup. I found the sand devil set up was working the best, black#16 zebra midge on top being followed by a #16-18 red midge. The fish were… Continue Reading

Hello everyone, fishing Lees Ferry is successful. The last two day trip we had good success with three different rigs. Morning and end of day consisted of a big bug setup with or without a dropper(#16-18 zebra midge) running between 14-24 ”, hugging banks and tamarask. Next rig is nymphing, running a 5x leader with… Continue Reading

Walk In

Walk In

Hello to all, fishing at the walk in is good. I have found that high water at the walk in makes for fun dry dropper fishing. Starting at the top of boulder field and working my way up to the cottonwoods. There are several kick outs between the two locations. I start at the bottom… Continue Reading

June is the start of our summer, this year has had a cold start, so we are still having day temperatures in the mid 80’s. The Colorado is running 22,825 cfs, high water for us, and with that being said we are still have great success and lots of fun out there. The high water… Continue Reading

Hello all my fellow fishers, This is a client I had the pleasure of fishing with on May, 26th 2011. Keith Ohrstrom with a beautiful 19” male (top) caught with a 12′ nymphing rig, on a favorite drift of mine. And a fat 18” female (bottom) also caught drifting a deep nymphing rig. It was… Continue Reading

For More Details, Visit Home at Here is a group I fished with May 1, 2011, Les Roberts (bottom) with a big male he caught on the midging rig, (zebra midge), his son Cole (middle) with a fat 16” female also on a zebra midge, and Garrett (top) with a fat 15” once again,… Continue Reading

For More Details, Visit Home at Here is a Father and son trip that I had the pleasure of being a part of on April 30, 2011, Greg Crenshaw (top right) with a big male he caught on the midging rig, (red zebra midge) and his father Scott Crenshaw (bottom left) with a FAT… Continue Reading