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Reasons to Have an Outdoor Hobby

If you’ve ever lived in a cold, snowy climate, you know that winter can get a bit depressing since you are seemingly cooped up inside the house for most of the season. However, having an outdoor hobby, like skiing, can cheer you up and give you something to look forward to on otherwise dreary days.… Continue Reading

What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Fish?

Marble Canyon Outfitters at Lee’s Ferry near Page, Arizona, regularly organizes guided fly fishing trips on the Colorado River. People come from all over to catch trout and other fish in one of nature’s most breathtakingly beautiful areas of the United States. Fish have been a staple of the diet of many people throughout the… Continue Reading

Restoring the Colorado River

Restoring the Colorado River

Sure we like to fish in the Colorado River; it is what we do at Lees Ferry Fly Fishing, but what do you really know about the Colorado River and what it means to the national spirit? The Colorado River, just like the Mississippi, is one of the stirring natural symbols of America. It might… Continue Reading

Fly Fishing Secrets for Beginners

Everyone was new to fly fishing at some point, even the experts. If you’re about to embark on your first fly fishing trip, we understand if you’re worried you won’t catch anything. There are plenty of reasons why fly fishing can be a fun sport for the entire family, even if you don’t catch any… Continue Reading

Female Fly Fishers in Colorado

As you’re well aware from reading this blog, we take pride in the Colorado landscape and protect it with a great fervor. We also enjoy educating the populace on this great region, but also in particular the wonderful art of fly fishing. We want everyone to try it at least once, but that’s easier said… Continue Reading